Customized Instructional Design Support

Fill out the form below to receive a customized proposal from Mike Rutherford, author of The Artisan Teacher: A Field Guide to Skillful Teaching.  Mike will work with your district’s curriculum and instruction leaders, administrators, and key teachers to design and support teaching for accelerated learning.  Artisan Teacher Accelerator equips teachers with the tools to help all students catch up, close gaps, and get ahead.


 As schools re-open this spring, summer and next fall, many students will find themselves significantly behind compared to where they might have been had school not been interrupted in 2020-21. We also know that inherent learning gaps among students will have grown larger making already inequitable outcomes even more pronounced.

We already know quite a bit about the instructional designs that increase the rate and degree of learning, enhance recall and transfer, and limit the need for review and reteaching.  Four of the twenty-three Artisan Teacher themes speak directly to increasing learning rate and degree: Connection, Personal Relevance, Mental Models, and Locale Memory.

Why not begin the 2021-22 school year equipped with tools that can accelerate learning for all students by helping them catch up, close gaps, and get ahead?  Artisan Teacher Acceleratorbrings customized instructional design support to your school or district to create and sustain an instructional focus on the speed and depth of learning- to the direct benefit of all students.

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